Designed in collaboration with 15 young artists.

Made with soft Jersey, with adjustable elastic ties.

Kids masks are £8.99

Adults masks are £12.99

Or if you'd like to buy one adults and kids together it is £20! (This is excluding a small delivery fee)

20% of our profits will be going to Fareshare, supporting the UK's most vulnerable children.

Postage is an additional £3.95

SOLD OUT! Please do not try to buy as we are completely sold out. For all updates see our Instagram @colouringin__


We want children to feel involved and a better understanding with what's happening in the world. 


Colouring In gives them the opportunity to have their art work in a different form. 

This is the first of many products, where we will have new opportunities for more young artists to get involved in. 

A big congratulations to all of the young artist involved:

Valentino, age 6

Abram, age 6

Florrie, age 6

Alexia, age 4

Josh, age 11

Dylan, age 7

Myla, age 6

Hamdan, age 8

Cici, age 7 

Freddy, age 6

Stella, age 6

Eabha, age 6 

Bethan, age 9

Orla, age 6

Henry, age 6

Please allow us 3-5 days to send off your order, and we will confirm by email when it is sent off!


-These homemade facemasks are NOT surgical masks of filtering face piece respirators (FFRs)

-These homemade facemasks have NOT been tested for fluid resistance, particulate of bacteria filtration efficiently, differential pressure, or flammability. 

-These homemade facemasks have NOT been evaluated by the FDA or CDC.

-These homemade facemasks have no certifications from any regulatory agency. 

CAUTION: Toggles may presen choking hazard if removed. Child's masks to be worn under adult supervision.

If you have any further questions please email us at